Ultimate Macca

This time songs from all of Paul's career. 25 track double album.

Side 1
  1. Tug of war
  2. Getting better
  3. Eleanor Rigby
  4. This One
  5. Fixing a hole
  6. We can work it out
  7. Maybe I'm amazed
Side 2
  1. Back seat of my car
  2. For no one
  3. Every Night
  4. Things we said today
  5. Listen to what the man said
  6. Paperback writer
  7. Dear Boy
Side 3
  1. My Brave Face
  2. Back in the USSR
  3. Single Pigeon
  4. I'm looking through you
  5. Dear Friend
  6. Junk
Side 4
  1. Getting Closer
  2. Wanderlust
  3. Nineteen hundred and eighty five
  4. Got to get you into my life
  5. Golden slumbers/ Carry that weight/The End


  1. Nice album but could have been a whole lot better.

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  3. A few missing from his artistic peak (Revolver) His personal favorites (& John's)
    Here There and Everywhere, She's leaving home...
    The list looks more like a favorites list..If anything, should be Paul's favorites..his opinion is probably best.

  4. A great list but where are the Paul rockers? Sgt Pepper, Get Back, I've Got A Feeling. He is so diverse it's almost impossible to comprise a collection containing all of the best.