Top 50 Macca Songs

Non-Beatle - they change weekly, but as of today here they are! I am sure a core of 25 remains the same though!


1. Maybe I'm Amazed
2. Every Night
3. Too Many People
4. Back Seat of My Car
5. Live and Let Die
6. Band on the Run
7. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
8. Don't Let it Bring You Down
9. Tug of War
10. Getting Closer
11. Wanderlust
12. No More Lonely Nights
13. My Brave Face
14. This One
15. Beautiful Night
16. Promise to you Girl
17. I Want You to Fly
18. With a Little Luck
19. Listen to What the Man Said
20. Letting Go
21. Beware My Love
22. Dear Friend
23. Back on My Feet
24. Little Lamb Dragonfly
25. Dear Boy
26. Monkberry Moon Delight
27. Junk
28. The Pound is Sinking
29. House of Wax
30. Footprints
31. Single Pigeon
32. Spin It On
33. Take It Away
34. Young Boy
35. Too Much Rain
36. I'm Carrying
37. Some People Never Know
38. Junior's Farm
39. Jet
40. Another Day
41. Uncle Albert
42. At the Mercy
43. Let Me Roll It
44. Tomorrow
45. Lonely Road
46. Love In Song
48. Mrs Vandebilt
49. Get on the Right Thing
50. Daytime Nighttime Suffering


  1. Plaz, Can you put this to a "favourite vote" on McCartnet? Maybe you could start by posting the "core 25" on Macca-central. After others add suggestions (such as "Picasso") up to a total of 50, then put the list on McCartnet for voting.

  2. BTW my additions to Macca favourite singles:
    Silly Love Songs
    London Town
    Name & Address
    Picasso's Last Words
    We Got Married
    Temporary Secretary

  3. Hi Craig, sounds a good idea. Leave it with me for a while.

    has a top 50 list, but its Paul, Beatle + solo

  5. Forgot my 2 favourites:
    Sally G
    Wonderful Christmastime

  6. Nice list. Don't know them all yet, but of what I know so far, my additions would be:
    -Jenny Wren
    -Riding to Vanity Fair
    -Coming Up
    -Picasso's Last Words
    -Mr Bellamy
    (+ possibly Temporary Secretary, We All Stand Together, World Tonight, Somedays and Let em in)

    Ones I'd remove are harder. None I dislike, but possibly I'd take off No More Lonely Nights, Lonely Road and Promise to You Girl

  7. mY LOVE
    jenny wren
    little willow

  8. Add some of his best rockers rockers please...
    I don't think Daytime Nighttime Suffering is better than Give Ireland Back to the Irish, Hi, Hi, Hi, or Oo You for example..Come on! this is your favorites list..label it as such.

  9. Some People Never Know? it's ok, but not a top Macca song.
    look at the singles. The Beatles purposely issued their best work on singles, and the rest on LPs. A fact they have explained. Now McCartney hasn't always done this because the best song was usually issued as a single AFTER the album was released, unlike the Beatles that didn't include their best songs on the albums until the end (Something, Let it Be, etc.)

    Get rid of-
    Some People Never Know, Daytime Nighttime Suffering, Wanderlust, Don't Let it Bring You Down, Tomorrow.
    These are decent songs but not his best. Add five of his best rockers replacing these and you have a great list.

  10. here are some great McCartney rockers-
    Junior's Farm
    Girls School (B-Side)
    Hi, Hi, Hi
    Give Ireland Back To The Irish
    Figure Of Eight (You might not like it but it's a good rocker)
    Rock Show
    Arrow Through Me
    So Glad to See You Here

    McCartney's great work includes some rock, not just pop amd ballads.
    A few of these are listed as his best post 1971 songs on Glorious Noise