Sunday, 21 November 2010

McCartney in 2011 - Your wish list and why?

A chance for you all to interact with McCartnet. What would you all like Paul to do in 2011.

Paul has had a busy year, but mainly touring, or organising releases.

What should be different in 2011!

Tell me your thoughts!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another bite of the Apple...

Just in case you have not already reached the core many times before...

Taken from itunes

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Plastic Eastman Band - Paul's great lost album

I believe Paul could (and still can) often write very personal, honest and/or angry songs. I think this album could have been released and have been considered the equal of John's Plastic Ono Band album. Perhaps, it would have critically kick started Paul's solo career and resulted in some much needed respect in latter years.

This album reflects his life at that time, shows his state of mind, his bitterness, his love for, and the debt he owed his wife at that time, his loneliness, his forgiveness, his view on relationship's past and present, his passion and his humour. It is 11 tracks just like John's and would have been a little classic!

Available soon on McCarnet Records with added liner notes.

Side one
1. Every Night
2. Dear Boy
3. 3 Legs
4. Some People Never Know
5. Maybe I'm Amazed
Side two
1. Too Many People
2. Man We Were Lonely
3. Oh Woman, Oh Why
4. Oo You
5. Dear Friend
6. Ram On